B&W Family

As SIM missionaries, it is our responsibility to build a team of prayer and financial partners to support us in our ministry. We are required to have 100% of our financial support in place prior to our departure to Liberia in late fall 2013.

Our Support Needs:

Monthly Support:

Covers our salary, taxes, housing, insurance, retirement (SIM requires a minimum of $250/month), and ministry expenses.  There is also a portion used to cover the costs of support services both on the field, and in the US national office.

Moving Costs:

Include transportation and shipping as well as a required support account buffer equal to one month’s support.

One-Time Costs:

Includes pre-field training, travel, visas, passports, immunizations, appliances, furnishings, and preparing the house there for us to live in.  We will also need to obtain an 8-10 year old 4WD vehicle.

How you can give:

Online at click: support a missionary  or click here

or by check payable to SIMUSA;  memo “Fankhauser #038964” Mail to:   SIM Donor Care, PO Box 7600, Charlotte, NC  28241 

Donor Care

SIM USA views donors as partners in ministry and makes every effort to act in the interest of their donors. Great care is exercised in safeguarding donor information, and all donations are acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt.

Financial Accountability

SIM USA is a member and abides by the standards of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA). These standards include a written statement of faith, a responsible board of directors, annual audits, and best practices in fund-raising. For more information, refer to




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