Waiting: A Blessing in Disguise.

More often than not, when I see friends, they ask why I am not in Africa yet (rightfully so- we originally planned to leave in the beginning of October).

Yes, our departure got delayed and yes, we have our tickets – we leave November 18th. I have been learning so much in the process of transition & waiting.

God’s timing is different than ours and sometimes we don’t understand why. But what I do know is that I am incredibly thankful for the extra time in Ventura. It has been encouraging and a huge blessing having people open up their homes to us for meals, rest, and fellowship.I am thankful for the conversations, adventures, and love that I have encountered.

The longer I wait to be home in Liberia, the more excited I am to be there. Maybe the quote “good things come to those who wait,” isn’t so cliche after all.





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2 responses to “Waiting: A Blessing in Disguise.

  1. Ginny

    Hi Beth
    Interesting about your date of Nov 18th, because two days before that my granddaughter, Sarah, leaves Nepal for Australia. Not in her original plan, but because of a “visa” situation, she can’t get her visa renewed until after the first of January, and has to leave the country by Nov 16th! Such challenges in a developing country, especially for an American! If you are interested, I can fwd the newsletter she sent today. She is with a mission, also. Your blog title is likely hers as well!
    Blessings on you as you wait for the perfect timing- HIS!

  2. Love you guys and so excited for November 18th!

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