Tents, Trout, and Tailings

In our training last March we were reminded of the need to “say goodbye well.” There is no more important goodbye than the one we will say to Josh, our son. Last week I had the privilege of traveling to University of Colorado, Boulder where he was completing a physics internship. The two of us embarked on a 4-day backpacking trip in the Rockies.

Fried trout in the mountains is a delicacy that I will never tire of. Fourteen inch cutthroat and an eight inch frying pan…”Houston, we have a problem.”

On night three, after a particularly difficult hike that included 4 miles at 12,000 feet on the continental divide, we enjoyed one of the most picturesque campsites that either of us has ever experienced. We were perched high on the side of a mountain on a shelf which was made entirely of tailings, the rock that was left over from an 1890’s gold mine. We sat at the campfire until late at night making potato dumplings, chatting, and enjoying the amazing beauty of the Rockies.

Beth and I are incredibly blessed to be moving to Liberia with Bethany and Bekah, and we are very, very grateful for Josh, our “anchor” in the States.




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8 responses to “Tents, Trout, and Tailings

  1. you have an amazing family!! praying fervently for you all and am so excited to see how the Lord will work through it all.

  2. Peggy Markillie

    What wonderful memories you have in your mind and heart with this special time with Josh. Blessings, patience, courage, “big breaths”, as you make this transition to a new country, culture, food :-), friends.

  3. the inheritance of the Lord continues…

  4. Amy Schultz

    Very sweet! So glad yo had that time together.

  5. Ginger White

    Pictures are fleeting souvenirs of the fullness of heart spent with your family. What a gift to share with us, and a gift to you all. Bless you in this transition.

  6. Art and Sonia Beals

    What a Dad! What a great Son! What an incredible experience. I would have loved to share the campsite…if you would have “choppered” me in!
    Grandpa Beals

  7. Ruthanne Rusnak

    What wonderful photos. It reminded me of a hike I took with my Dad 1962. We caught trout along the John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon National Park. We didn’t have a frying pan. We roasted them on a stick. A super experience for the two of you, father and son.

  8. Kacie-Linn Engle

    I’m so glad you both had this experience before being separated. Wonderful memories.

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