Golden Goodbyes

Preparing our home, letting go, telling our story, and treasuring the beauty around us; life has been rich and full this month as we continue to get ready for the next chapter.

Two weeks ago, the time arrived for us to say goodbye to our sweet golden retriever, Zuma. The story of how we found a family for her is but another example of seeing God provide for the details in life.  A five year old boy is “beyond happy” to have a new buddy and our hearts are assured of the love Zuma will receive in her new home.


We barely had time to ponder the future of our piano when a dear friend with nine children contacted us and asked if she could “store” our piano for us. Turns out that they could use another one with so many little ones eager to practice!


Then I recognized the need to let go of what remained of the library of resources I had collected over the past 15 years of homeschooling. Amazing how fast the word got out when I posted this photo on Facebook! What a delight to greet the young moms eager to find items to help them enrich their supplies as they begin another year educating their children.


Frequently I searched for my calendar in order to pencil in another date to share our story with others. We have thoroughly been blessed by the kindness of family and friends organizing dessert nights for us.


We have been in the midst of projects around the house. What a gift we received when John’s brother offered to drive 40 hours round trip just so he could paint for us! A task that seemed so monumental to us, he cheerfully completed working from morning ’til night for several days.


We traveled to Idaho for a brief but joy-filled reunion with family members; treasuring the moments together while enjoying the simplicity of country life.


When possible, we took breaks from the daily demands of life to drive to our favorite local beaches. The beauty of the ocean brings peace and calm when so much is changing around us. Our hearts are full of gratitude for today and excitement for all that God has planned in the days and months to come.




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11 responses to “Golden Goodbyes

  1. time is flying by. Your departure is coming quickly. I sure hope we can go for that walk sometime soon. Let me know when you have a little window.
    I understand you’re busy so, no pressure.
    Bless you,

  2. Lori Nelson O'Connell

    Beautifully written…it fills me with joy of God’s faithfulness.

    Lori O’C

  3. Oh Beth! What a beautiful post sharing a few of you & your family’s golden goodbyes! We continue to lift you all up before the throne of grace for help in these times of bittersweet transition! We love you all. Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you in this Divnely appointed journey!
    Love you, Tami

  4. Ginger White

    As you let go [and give to others!], your hearts fill with wonderful memories. A transition to receive the gifts of community that await you on your mission gives us all pause to once more bless you all on your journey.

  5. Caris Thorsen

    Oh I am so happy for you at the same time sad you left Zuma.

  6. Carol Kejr

    Hi Beth (& family)….you are describing your journey so beautifully…..many God-sightings… we are thankful for every day closer to Liberia you get!! We leave on the 31 and return Oct 16….. Writebols leave tomorrow!!!!

    We had a black golden retriever ( black lab & golden retriever mix) that we had to part with but God gave her a wonderful home also…

    His love to you all….

  7. Fiona Floyd

    Praying for you daily. Shedding a tear as I write this. But I know your Goodbyes herald the new beginnings of Hellos and all God has in store for you all.

  8. K. C.

    We had a missionary at my church yesterday; she gave great advice for preparing to live in another culture: remember three things you like and don’t like where you live now, and do the same in your new country. This keeps you grounded. No matter where we live, there will be great things and not so great things about our new home and we can remember the same about the home we left behind. God’s richest blessings on your next endeavor for God!

  9. Art and Sonia Beals

    A beautiful story! But only one reflection of a beautiful family working together to help each other live out their very special “callings” in life. Just wish you had a crate big enough so that you could take Mom and I with you! Free childcare and free gardening for the rest of life (well, at least MY life!) Love you loads.

    Your Dad

  10. Ruthanne Rusnak

    So much to arrange. How wonderful it is to be able to follow you in your journey on the internet. It had to be really hard to say good by to Zuma. I’m so glad you found her such a loving home. I look forward to keeping up with your progress and your new life in Liberia.

  11. Arlene

    I send you greetings from Canada! I am so excited for you and very, very excited, anticipating all the ways God is going to use you! What a privilege and honour to pray for you, dear servants of the Most High!

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