Questions and Resolve – Liberia

This is a compelling video by Cissie Graham, granddaughter of Billy Graham. Watch as she expresses her heart for Liberia.



by | June 3, 2013 · 11:07 pm

5 responses to “Questions and Resolve – Liberia

  1. Ginger White

    And the Lord has something great in mind for guiding the Fankhauser family to Liberia.

  2. Sandy Yip

    John and Beth, I really liked this video!! It looks much like parts of Tanzania, yet in TZ they have not had to deal with the civil war. The need is so great…and I’m so glad you are going to be going to help!

  3. Deborah Ferguson

    Lord knows the motives and desires of the Fankhauser family and the willingness to go and provides for all the needs when you take the step of faith. The video was good. Her question, do people really care? God Bless you Fankhauser family for caring and having a love of Jesus to be His hands extended.

  4. Trula Kinseth

    It’s hard to lose the best Medical Director VCMC has ever had but exciting to know you are following our Lord’s plan for your life. He has built you up for great things at just the right time. May our Lord bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ever imagine. We are expecting to hear great reports from you. Treasure every mundane moment!!! Much love to you all.

  5. Fidel A Dennis

    Thank you and may the Lord God Almighty bless you. Thanks be to God Almighty.

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