Third Culture Kids


(Above Photo: Sweet times with Beth’s new friends, Purity and Patrice.)

I am so excited to be in Wheaton, IL with Patrice Miles for 4 days! We will be attending an educational planning seminar addressing issues such as:

What educational option is best for our children?
How can we help our children learn a second language?
How can we develop a workable educational plan for our family that fits our goals, values, and ministry?
How do we choose a homeschooling curriculum?
How can we prepare our children for the transitions they will make in leaving this culture and entering a new one?

I’m thankful for this great organization that is looking out for families living overseas:

What or who is a TCK or Third Culture Kid?

“An individual who, having spent a significant part of the developmental years in a culture other than the parent’s culture, develops a sense of relationship to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Elements from each culture are incorporated into the life experience,

but the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar experience.”
David C. Pollock, Interaction International

(This applies to Missions, International Business, Diplomatic Corps, and Military)

I am a TCK and am so thankful for all the work that has been done the last thirty years to define this unique experience.




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2 responses to “Third Culture Kids

  1. Art and Sonia Beals

    What great resources you have for your family….resources that you/us didn’t have so many years ago when we lived and served in the Philippines. I am so thankful for this. And you make one great terrific MOM!

    Your Dad

  2. Sandy Yip

    Beth, Is there any way I can support you in the homeschooling part of your journey? DOn’t ask for help with math,,,but let me know if there is anything I can do.

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